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u neeed to kno dis maaaan


AckOrgiddyWay ItchesOrgiddyBay: \’akt’-or’gi-de-wa-’iches-or’gi-de-’ba\

The barbie pig latin term for ?whack bitches?.

Baldy Locks: \bal-de-läks\

Good head.

Fetch: \’fech\

a term used to describe something a bitchy Harajuku Barbie really likes.

*Only used with other HBs.

Surfboard: \s?rf-b?rd\

used to describe a hatin ass WASHED up bitch.

EX: Cowubunga! Hit the surfboard ya surfboard ass bitch!

Waffle House: \’wä-f?l -’haus\

a clearly misguided old wrinkle.

Zoo: \’zü\

when exciting, crazy and fetch need to be combined to describe a noun.

*can only be said with extreme intensity.


Bad Bitch Check : \’bad ? ‘bich ? ‘chek\

is when a bad bitch looks in the mirror prior to an event in which stacks are involved.

Barbie Backhand: \’bär-be-’bak-hand\

The act of using intense force while unexpectedly givin da back hand to a hata.

Basement: \bas-m?nt\

the act of stepping one?s twig&berries / cookies DOWN.
the opposite of penthouse used when one is too cocky.

Chin Check: \’chin -’chek\

when an HB gets out of character to explain her fabulosity.

Chuckles: \’ch?-k?l\

when a Harajuku Barbie laughs at the expense of one of her friends.

GBR: \g-b-r\

Abbreviation for ?Got a Barbie Rollin?.

Penthouse: \’pent-?haus\

the act of stepping one?s dick or cookies all the way up.

Roger Dat: \rä’j?r-’dat\

verbally style on a shortcake by implying she should ?get like u? in 2010.

Sentence: Scuze me? Bitch! Roger dat!

Step Your Scotty Up: \’step ? y?r ? ‘skäte ? ?p\

refers to being up on the latest lyrics\lingo off of the new ?Beam Me Up Scotty? CD.

Tumble Dry: \t?m-b?l-dri\

used when speaking to WASHED bitches.

Sentence : Tumble Dry bitch! Tumble Dry!

Alfred Bitchcok: \’al-fr?d ? ‘bich ? ‘käk\

a term of endearment from one bitchy Harajuku Barbie to another. Generally used amongst BFF?s.

Balloon Boy: \ba-’lon-b?i\

the adopted lady bug of barbie nation.
the oracle.

Barbie Boom Box: \’bär-be-’büm-’bäks\

a device out of which the Barbie?s fetch music is played from.

Barbie Detention: \’bär-be -di-’ten-ch?n\

When the Harajuku Barbie herself puts one of her barbies on time-out for stating or doing something totally unfetch.

*only the HB can remove a barbie from Barbie Detention. Length of stay may vary.

*While on ?BD? a barbie is required to do any task the ?HB? asks of her in order to regain her position as a BARBIE. Tasks may vary.

Barbie Juice: \bär-be-jüs\

ice cold pickle juice in a glass that barbies drink to experience a sudden blast of EUPHORIA.

Barbie Powers : \’bär-be-po-?r\

to beam your thoughts to another Barbie without speaking.
to put a hex on strawberry shortcakes by wiggling your fingers at them.

Been A Fan: \ben-a-’fan\

term used to describe a cornball.

Sentence : ?hatin on who? Dat Bitch BEEN a fan?

BFF: \b-f-f\

Barbie For FuckinEver


a naughty barbie who knows how to make it up on her final exam.

Cater to your Ken Day:\ka-t?r-’tü-y?r-’ken-’da\

One day a month when Barbie stops being a diva and grants her Ken?s every wish.

CopyRightin? Infringements:\’kä-pe-’rit?n-in-’frinj-m?nts\

girls that claim to be rappers while enlisting the help of ghost writers.

Doll House:\’däl ? ‘haus\

a place where a Harajuku Barbie resides or stays while away on business.

Dolly Lama: \dä-le-’lä-m?\

a barbie that makes everyone around her feel at peace.
a problem solver.
the one you call when you?re at your worst.

Fire Marshall: \’fi(-?)r-’mär-sh?l\

a term for sum1 tryna shut ya shit down.

Sentence: word? oh u on ya fire marshall shit.

Frosty Da Snowman: \fro-ste-de-sno-man\

a girl or boy who wears blurry diamonds. Step ya clarity up.

Gabbage Patch Kid: \’ga-bij-pach-?kid\

a bust down
a doll who wishes the barbies will adopt her.

Get off my Fone: \git-?f-mi-’fon\

a swift dismissal of a stupid ass fone call OR comment.

Sentence: Excuse me??? Bitch!!! Get off my Fone!!!

Harajuku Barbie: \??\

refer to Harajuku.

Harajuku Ken: \??\

a man that ?adds to? a ?HB? by knowing when to ?fall da fuk bak? and when to ?step his dick up?.

HB: \h-b\

an abbreviation of Harajuku Barbie.

HK: \h-k\

an abbreviation of Harajuku Ken.

It?s BARBIE BITCH!: \?ts ? ‘bär-be ? ‘bich\

how Harajuku Barbies say good-bye.

Raggedy The Sp: \’ra-g?-de-’the-’spi\

a name for bitches who wanna be like u, but just wont come outta the closet.
a Flip on Harriet the Spy.

Sentence: come out da closet raggedy!!! the spy!!!!

Strawberry Shortcake: \’str?-?ber-e ? ‘sh?rt ? ‘kak\

a broke bitch ;
one who loses sight of her goals and her CAKE by focusing on BEEF and negativity.

Stud Muffin: \’st?d-m?-f?n\

a street savvy ?man?s man? who can only be tamed by a pink lipped barbie.

Other Terms:

Barbie?s Phone Number: 718-SIT-URASSDOWN

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