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By: naynayboo

so last week on friday my boyfriend cameron gloster hugs me and this girl comes up to me and sys that he dont like you so leave him alone so i said watever and then on monday this week she is going to come up t me and say that i heard that u was talking about me and i was sitting there just ignoring her so she walks away and then wen i went to math class she was looking at me so i rolled my eyes and said wat r u looking at then i went in th class so wen i took a bathroom break she is going to hit me in the head i couldnt get no hits back cus the security gard was there and people said that i hit the security gard but i didnt and then i screamed and said that i was going to kill her and then i said wait intill i see u in the streets me and her is going to fight that is the story of my life!!!!!!! mwahh!!!!!

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    On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 1:57 PM, JazzyBoo10 said:

    nun much havin good time but bored in readin

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