Tue, May 15, 2012 at 8:06 PM

Drama with halee !! * desyre speakinqq !

By: naynayboo

Ok so when i was on facebook tayire made a status talkinqq bout she wanna turn into somethinq i didnt like im not even gonna SAY IT BUT THEN me and destany nicole started like arguing but then we stop ! I told halee that we stoped cuz it was a mis understandinqq .. nd she gonna be like idc so then she tried to make a corny status about me like i wasnt gonna see it she didnt tagg me in it so juliee upsher was like who nd i was like she talkinq bout me nd here come elyjia walker talking about i was scaredor whatever but why waste my time on someone that already moved like im cool with jada and jordan but halee she is a big ass no she started this shit nd she jumped in somethinq that was alredy sqashed like come on noe and plus i knew her since first grade .. bushe thinks she can be all hard and wanna fight people cuz she moved like G.A.T Eneya Speakinq last week she ius going to cum up to me and say did i call hera bitch and ui said no then she said dat she was going to beat me up

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