Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 2:38 PM


Haaa... By popular demand sasha Feirce, Nick Minaj Let's go. Yo rude boy why u cross me like a little t? I'm Minaj, big m, uh'uh'uh not a Mickey D. Now, I'm flyer than a broom (broom),broom. I dissed him. Than i peel up in a room (room) boomin' system. Now listen,now listen, now lISTEN. I was there thraugh yo bid in prison. You know I caulda been yo wife, But sucks 4 u. Boo-hoo. I wauld never rent a tux for u. Excuse me. I am buzzing like bumblebees. Football & they all wanna fumble me. I was a 32d in my Dugaress can I have a cauple more Cucumbers, Please?. Now I'm that bitch, now i'm the bad witch. I need alot of cheese up on ma sandwitch. Just got a new b.f his pepe le pew. And he baught me 2 geseppi shoes (thank u!). That's one for right & one for the left. Yes to the left. Left to the left. Now we shauld all go 2 jerry springer. And u cauld put the right up on ma metal finger.

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