Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 8:59 PM


U wanna pliz me then get dawn 4 yo crown. U know they call me dawn tawn Julie brown. I get alot of fades & i get alot of dread. See i be in tawn closin million dollar deals up. Real nice view with ma million dollar his up. TELL the Dj Nicki Minaj said to reel up rewaind. They neva met a muthafackin boss this fine. I get my own thing, my own blood clat thing. That's y they call misses badda king with some good ding a ling. Big truck beenie man, throw some sim sima in.. I fucks with boss bitches types to be caught divorcin bitch niggas corsets & horses alot of pink porshes. Custome made plate i stay lookin for some bosses.

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