Sun, May 15, 2011 at 10:10 PM


I can't with how many CF there are out there. Like....HOW CAN'T YOU SPELL NICKIS NAME!?!?!?

I'm gonna post some examples via twitter cuz this is ridiculous.

.....brace yourself

RT @bridgetcoen Beyonce is amazing. Beyonce > Nicki Manaj

(?????..whats with that comparison?..die)

RT @choclete_girl50 Who the F I is? I am nicki manaj and I Mack them dudes up! I Love Super Bass by nicki manaj

(at least she was on her Super Bass flow. but no -_-)

RT @RYANlvsJEDWARD @NICKIMINAJ I love u nicki manaj

(as her name is right are really dumb foreal *antoine dodson voice*)

RT @xoxo_GingerGee Raining Men - Rihanna ft' Nicki Manaj

(i didnt know Rihanna did a song called Raining Men with ANOTHER NICKI!!-_-)

RT @Celo_Z Nikki minaj whole body is fake.....haha


RT @ayo_bobby I'd give Nikki Minaj da #DICK!!!!

(..... \_ ......)

RT @georgiapeach013 @NICKIMINAJ if u know the show abdc it's Nikki manaj week and it would be great if u sent ICONicBoyz a tweet:) thanx if u do!

(I CAN'T!)

RT @All_D_Above Da dude on nikki manaj (how eva u spell dat shit) song shittd on em b goin ham n da back ground I trip err time

(yea bitch, you know dat aint right)

RT @ibunknown Nikki manaj look like she got two good year blimp balloons in her pants.

(-_______- GUHHBYE!!!!!)


if its not NICKI MINAJ or ONIKA MARAJ its a typo

and your mother doesn't love you.

  1. Kennnna avatar

    On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 10:57 PM, Kennnna said:

    Lol ! that made me laughh ;)
    But yuuhr righht ! its soo damn annoying -___-

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