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My aunt typed this up to pass on. My little cousin is really sick and needs help. PLEASE HELP ME GET NICKI TO SEE THIS! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

My nine year old little girl, Gia, is fighting for her life. SHE NEEDS HELP BECAUSE SHE HAS A CHANCE TO SURVIVE. My daughter has been fighting Leukemia since the age of four. She went into remission for six months until she relapsed and was in need of a stem cell transplant. Gia received her transplant a year ago, and is now fighting GVHD, which is a virus associated with complications from the transplant. I have not been able to work in over a year and lost our medical insurance due to a union who would not support me. I had no other choice but to turn to the state for medical assistance to help support her.
After researching, I have a found a drug that can save Gia called CMX001, produced by a company named Chimerix. CMX001 has become unattainable partly due to The Federal Drug Administration. However, Chimerix will distribute CMX001 via a "Compassionate Request" which is what Gia needs!
Gia is the strongest person I know and fights through mountains to stay alive. She is my 'little engine that could' and performs each every time she is put to the test. This time I need to help her, I have to fight for her, this time she needs help!!
I believe you can help us find an answer, whether it be from this company or any institution( hospital) willing to help. We need a miracle and believe they happen.
This is a mothers plea for her child's life.

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