Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 9:04 AM

jus some more funky shit off my head before bed

My heart beats on repeat. You think that’s cliché well repeat wat I say on dese street beats off da top of da head taupe’ nobodies competition I play to win on a mission foreva may be too late…to show dis world my kool-aid…smile becuz I have to if I don’t my sad proves my bad moods and the days that I neva thought id have to show up and wear a clown mask as if shit was funny nothings ever funny when you see ma selling for money. You would think that daddy out to help…but memba dad left ma to fend for herself so all we got now is us and to prove that we can do it as individuals and realize shit in reality is real life…stop visualizing white picket fences when we get a couple bucks in our hands and u know it go right back to da bills and sneakers be on lean mode…wishing life had its cheat codes or sumhow we could push pause and let everything freeze for us all…but dat would be selfish of us…cuz god neva froze at all…neva slept as we complain…press play put life in motion…pause god watch we all fall. And then who we gon call? Ooow u aint gon call god…cuz u done walked all ova glory and overlookd his selfless acts for your selfsh ass…but now dat we know were we go wrong now stay strong and pray for better days…days where u can get a break…but breaks neva come until u retire…neva retire until you get tired..climb dat ladder till u get higher..givin up now..might as well get fired…frm life…all dat work you put in…u should neva had to put in shit if u was gon quit…


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