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lol! this paper i wrote for school on young money! i thought it was crack! shit my teacher did too! it was last min b!

Young Money

Take a look at Lil wayne’s formed group Young Money. Your first look at the album We Are Young Money and you notice all the members young and old. Young money formulated in 2003 with only a few members. This group formed from Lil Wayne’s success. Young Money is not just another rap group rapping about money cars and clothes. They are a group that motivates and moves young people all around the world. They help build self-esteem and self-love. Although, some of the songs on the album are made for an adult audience, there are songs and young group members that represent for the young. This groups’ style is very unique. Each member has there own personality and sets different standards for the group. Lil Wayne labeled as the head of the group, the founder. His style has changed the world in many ways. He reminds people of Eminem by his carelessness of problems and the FCC. Nicki Minaj, she has changed the lives of many young women all over the world. You could go on to Facebook and notice almost every girl’s profile name is “Name Minaj or Lewinsky.” Her style seems to have multiple personalities. Her rapping style is different in every song she is on. Another group member that you have not heard much about is Jae Millz. He is from Harlem. He is one of many rappers who tried to get recognition but failed at it until he united with Young Money. There is also Tyga. The first time he was heard by many was when he had a part in Gym Class Hereo’s video for Coconut Juice. He has spent a lot of time with Lil Wayne and has become a part of the Young Money movement. You also have Mack Maine. Mack is the president of Young Money he does not do a lot of rapping but he handles a lot of Young Money’s millions. There is also Gudda Gudda, a rapper that many would consider “gangsta” but in the least bit. He is all for raising the youth the right way. T-Streets, he is not well known as a rapper. However, he is on the album a lot and listeners should be able to get to know who he is by the end of the album. On the other hand, there is Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee, the young men of Young Money. The two of them together are to reel in the young girls all over the world. All of these members come together and have something to offer for every age group. The strengths of this album are that every member has a different story to tell. Each member connects with different groups of people. The weakness is most of the songs on this album is for an adult audience and it takes away from the young members of the group. Young Money is not just a group it is a movement. This movement has a big value on society. For those who love Young Money and truly know what they are about, they will Love this album.

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    Thank you! its YM babeeee! ;)

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    On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 9:20 PM, SoCrustyDisgustMe_Lei said:

    Thank you ! =)

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    lol nice.

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    aww goood jobb u reallly repped it for YM!!!!!!

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