Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Nicki Vs. Kim like waaaaat?

my friend was just goin in reppin kim and her wack ass black friday why? what is the beef for anyway? sayin nicki aint original? i mean what is original anymore? If you let me tell it, aint shit original becuz we are learn from what we see. SO DID KIMS ASS! its wild how ppl get jealous and offended when they see somebody do the damn thing and makin some money while they doin it. I mean kim had her time why cant Nicki have hers? Like really? Kim are you that bored that you have to make a song called black friday? usin nicki's beats and a version of did it on em using nicki's beats? Who the copy cat now? Did you copy dat? ca ca ca copy cat? like really kim? The whole shit is dumb on some real shit. Nicki gave kim her props but this old brawd wanna have salt on her tongue. SMH the game is about unity yo not some beef and battle. Nicki don't give a fxck wat kim got to say for real cuz she got us behind her! Killl all dat wack shit kim! I mean youzaa spectac ass rapper but leave it at dat mama...its a new generation we want some fresh shxt so let it be and nod ya head like the rest of us.

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