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Media That He Feels Really Good Right Now

Just a week ago, Jermichael Finley's football future was in question after suffering a scary spinal contusionagainst the Cleveland Browns."Of course I plan to play football again," Finley wrote on"This is what I love to do.I love the game.I love Sundays.Based on the feedback I've received from doctors at this point, the question is not if I'll play again, but when".Finley compared the injury to a bad car accident that shocked his spine.He's still improving by the day.In fact, his motor skills, coordination and balance are all back to normal."I was very conscious, but I could not move," Finley poignantly wrote."I looked at my teammate Andrew Quarless directly in the eye and whispered, 'Help me, Q.I can't move.I can't breathe'.The scariest moment was seeing the fear in Q's eyes.I knew something was wrong, but his reaction verified it.That really shook me up".That would be a tremendous source of stress in a contract year, had Finley not taken out a disability policy that will pay him $10 million tax-free if he never plays another down in the NFL.This is the second time we talked about Jermichael Finley who is now in the process of recovery from spinal contusion.
.The Green Bay Packers must be thrilled to get their tight end back to play against the Cleveland Browns, the Browns might be not that good but if the Packers can get help from Finley, it will be a much safer game plan.
.Finley said per the media that he feels really good right now and his doctor also said he is doing well, so we can count down his return.
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