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She has enough of me to break my heart part 1

At exactly 3:48 am on decmeber 8th 1984 a star was born. Little Onika Tanya Maraj was born into a loving family. Her parents Robert and Carol are the parents of the finest woman to walk the earth to date. She was born in Port of Spain Trinidad, she came to the U.S when she was 5 she thought she would live the life of a princess only to be mislead by the beautiful reputation that the states had. Rich or poor this extraordinary little girl was excited to start a new life in a new country where she would live with her parents that left to work in the states when she was 3. Nicki always had big dreams, she was optimistic and full of happiness. As a child she could not afford some of the luxuries that we take for granted. Minaj said she could not afford a Barbie doll as a child. She was in love with fame even as a child. She wanted to be an actress because her grandmother would always watch soap operas so that is what she equated to success. She has alter egos as a child as well her first one was lovingly names Cookie. She lived in fear however of the man she thought wouldnt be anything but loving, her father. She lived in fear he would kill her mother, beat her and act violently and he did. None the less he did. Carol has a dream that he was going to burn the house down she she told nicki and her brother to sleep outside the house that night. This came true and at 3 in the morning nicki was informed her house burned down. Nicki was always a big ball of energy she was always putting smiles and laughter into the atmosphere. She started putting B's in front of everyone's name just for fun and giggles. She felt the need to be independent and she wanted to get her own place. At the age of 16 nicki got her famous tattoo on her left arm it is in Chinese and it means God is with me always. Nicki jumped from a total of 8 red lobsters. She was fired because she supposedly had attitude problems FUNNY JOKE RIGHT? She went to la gaurdia school of the arts in New York after school she went out and begun the factor in which she is most famous for now; rap. She started in the year 2007. Nicki made a total of 3 mix tapes let alone her features on DVD'S these mix tapes are sucker free, beam me up scotty and play time is over. She was spotted by Lil wayne and he recognized her talents and sought after signing her. She was signed in august of 2009 to what is known as Young Money Cash Money BUSINESS. On November 22nd 2010 she changed the world forever. Her debut PLATINUM SELLING WORLD WIDE album Pink Friday was released on that day. Minaj has achieved more in her career so far the most artists have in their careers. SHE BEAT LIL WAYNE IN AWARDS thats like Justin beiber beating usher. She is basically causing a Barbie revolution she is coming out with 6 nail polishes on January 1st 2012 with O.P.I .
Now on to the reason why I am writing this, as all u barbs and kens know today is her birthday she is turning 27. I just wanted to take the time out to say how much she means to me and just to thank her. Without her music I wouldn’t be the female I am today. She is my inspiration, motivation and everything else. She gives me hope, she brightens my day just by the thought of her, the sound of her voice, the mentioning of her name and anything else BARBIE like

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