Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 4:53 AM

She has enough of me to break my heart part 2

I grew up being bullied but she taught me to be proud of who I am and to be comfortable in my own skin. Never change for anyone but yourself, you are your biggest competition, my haters are my motivators. Any some nicki has put out i know it BY HEART. I make expressions, i have wigs I never go anywhere without my Barbie bracelet, necklace and pink Friday ring. My friends are writing letters to Ellen asking her of i could go on her show cuse my friends think i need counselling but i think all i need is nicki. I was so depressed when she came to Toronto on august 13/14th i cried like a mad woman. I have the best group of friend ever, there was a radio contest and the winner got to meet nicki and like i had a group of 15 people call and say they were me just so i could win. My friends are the best and i thank God he gave me such supportive people to be around. At grad we had to right something about everyone and on my paper i got nicki minaj is amazing ur her # 1 fan more then i got stuff about myself and i was just so happy. AT my high school some people don’t know my real name because i was rapping to my best friend and like everyone asked me to rap and so i did and people call me nicki and i have people come up to me and ask me what my real name is and when i tell them its monica they think im lieing. God bless each and every single person im my life who accepts me as i am my unhealthy obsession and all. No one on this earth knows how much she means to me. Ive dome some pretty stupid things cuse of my obsession and sooner ot later ill get help for it i just wanna meet her. Then ill get help. I stay up till 3 just to get radio stations to play her music and on the pink Friday anniversary i called till the point where they said thats ebough and they hung up LOL but it dosnt mean im giving up. I sit and cry to stan because thats my story. I just don’t wanna kill myself. Nicki has made it possible for me to love life and everyone in mine. She makes me feel that one day i can be rich, live in a big house and be a boss. I know more about nicki then I do myself. She told me to stay in school i graduated with honours just to make her proud of her barbs. She is humble and trusts God for everything I love every part of her from roman to Barbie, Martha Nicki Lilly and everyone else. I dreamed of meeting her on the Ellen show for the past 2 years, so that is before those 2 little girls went on just saying. I made her a sag picture and ive been trying to give it to her for 2 years now it is really pretty and i have a feeling someday shell have it, so I could go on forever about her i really could and i thank you for reading this up till here nicki if ur reading this I WILL MEET U ON THE ELLEN SHOW BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE ILL DO IT BARB HAPPY BIRTHDAY and from the bottom of my heart i hope ur day is as amazing as u ur my everything and more. Im not gonna sleep tonight in honour of ur birthday and all the radio stations now know its ur birthday cuse of me

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