Thu, May 31, 2012 at 6:23 AM

Camaras! Today was not my day


Have you heard about the

  • Starships Contest?...i thought today I was making my video..i was lip syncing to it and dancing at the lake..i am not lieing when I said it took my brother and I all day to record it and at the end I was happy, but when I got home and vids from my camara to my computer..the computer would not read the videos. After hours of trying iknew I coukdnt do anything..i was in tears. I felt robbed and hurt dissapointed mad all at the same time..afterthat I just recorded my self with my webcam singing starships and I was still pretty upset. I hope your day was better than mine guys and if it wasnt lift your chins up because tomorow the sun will shine..judge only how you wanna be judged

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