Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 7:22 PM


Life is all about change
From the moment we are conceived
But as we go through this thing called life
We tend to go for comfort, rather than achieve.There is nothing wrong
With having comfort in your life
As long as you don’t let it
Keep you from growing because of strife.The more we grow as a person
The greater our attitudes become
as our soul strengthens
The easier it is to get the job done.I’m not saying that as we mold our attitudes
Our life becomes problem free
But our minds tend to
Think a lot more clearly.Life is a Journey, not a Designation
Therefore as we grow through life
We need to cut back on Procrastination.
It is a failure disease
That will surely pull you down
And as you get older, and look back
You will do nothing but frown.Everything in life involves change
No matter what you want to do
So you might as well embrace change
Or change will embrace you.


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