Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 11:54 PM

i love you

[byu left, and i was incomplete i cryed so hard for yu to hear my plead, no matter what yu rejected me, a year whent by and i was good and god had helped me, i understood. but then you ask me if i would be yours agian and we were the cutest cupple in the school again, but for some reason i fucked up again, i kissed your best friend, but i couldnt stand the giult i had and i told you at lunch, you wouldnt talk to me at all for the rest of the days i ended up crying to one of my friends about how i ddnt want to lose you again. now we in the same place we were last year, broken up and not tlking to each other at all. should i let it all happen again, or get over you comlpetely wich is almost imposible to do

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