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But They Do Not Wear Polarized Sunglasses

Drivers are faced to unnecessary risk every day, they don't ignore safety signs or speeding, but they do not wear polarized sunglasses, polarized sunglasses are kinds of sunglasses with polarized lenses, the lenses have big different with the normal PC lenses, CR39, Nylon lenses ect??Which makes the driver very susceptible to glare hazards? The sunlight reflected from the road surface will produce blinding glare, as well as automotive interior glare.
And the glare from the instrument control flat, will generate secular reflection on the windshield directly into the driver's eyes.Glare makes driving environment fraught with danger every day, such as turning vehicles, pedestrians crossing,the car brakes and so on.Face glare, drivers will see traffic oblique squint, which makes their eyes easily fatigued and attention reduced, reaction speed slow, even worse, a strong glare can cause drivers instant blindness, these would endanger motorists, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road safety.
When the drivers wear polarized sunglasses,It will provide a clear vision, reduced visual fatigue and shorten the reaction time.A simple action will protect you and your family safe driving.As a professional glasses supplier, we remind every driver, pls.wear polarized sunglasses when driving.When driving on the road, the first dangerous factor from outside world may be foggy weather.And the second I think may be the light, properly speaking, reflected light and refracted light.The strong light originates from the water or vitreous surface of buildings will result in glare hazards to the drivers.The following brief blindness will lead to all kinds of disasters like car accidents.So wearing polarized sunglasses is very useful to drivers by providing a clear vision, reducing visual fatigue and shortening the reaction time.If you want to make your shopping for some sunglasses much happier, you should shop here.Product was easy to find on their is top quality.I was pleased with the selection.Got a detailed tracking number or shipment confirmation.It arrived quickly and was in great condition.I would recommend to others.Extremely satisfied with product availability.

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