Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 4:51 AM

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Like how you claim you TM & Nicki biggest fan but in reality you're trying to make other TM members feel bad by saying you meet her more and spend more time with HB. Okay it's all cool. We understand that you have a special bond with SB. But to say that you're a DIE HARD! You don't know how Nicki and SB interact with their fans! I have a question::HAVE HB TOLD YOU YOU'RE HER FAV...?
I do not think so. If you so much more TM than us other barbs then you wouldn't try to make us feel down. Nicki says we are a FAMILY & family doesn't mean to tear each other down to get higher on the ladder! In TM we must respect each other and have decency for not only the members but fir Nicki Minaj. She goes thru the hassle with the business world to get TM what WEEEEE want and you go and dig up old ish like no. Don't piss her off. She should be able to get on twitter and find peace. We are like her virtual home and we shouldn't mess the home up and expect for to come and clean!

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