Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:29 AM


Ayo guys, this Illuminati shit is real and you need to educate yourself and educate your friends about them!

...the illuminati is a super rich organisation which controls world affairs e.g the 9/11 attacks were planned...when a music artist looks promising they offer them huge amount of money fame and power in return they must sell their soul to the devil and in a lot of music such as beyonce, jay Z, kanye west, lady gaga, rihanna played backwards there are satanic msgs...if they say no to this or try to expose the illuminati they end up dead e.g. Tupac & michael jackson. The illuminati plan for a one world government where everybody will be made to worship the devil and they plan to wipe out 2 thirds of the worlds population through concentration camps. All the jobless people and eurozone crisis is down to them so eventually the governments will collapse and they get what they want...but there's people in the illuminati in government, music industry, news etc...its everywhere. Known in the bible as 'The Enlightened' there logo is a pyramid with an eye in it (the all seeing eye)

And what moves faster...the hand or the eye? ....the eye! they are ahead of us! the world needs to wake up!

You need to do your research guys and tell a friend to tell a friend to do they research too!

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