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My LOV3 for music and Nicki Minaj....:
MUSIC : Music is basically my lif3, if I w3nt to a coll3g3 that focus3d on music on Music and acting my life would b3 sooo compl3t3 but h3y th3r3's still tim3 soo aft3r school I'll doo so......
I Lov3 to writ3... What I writ3 mostly about is...Pain all that 3mo isht you know(*laughs)..girls h3arts brok3n 3tc all that stuff....
I writ3 po3ms,,and that's how I put good lyrics into my raps and all..Artists which you'll find on my phone mostly ar3 NICKI MINAJ(Obviously*)..Drak3(Lov3 this Nikka)...Lil Wayn3 and CHRIS BROWN(LOV3 Br33zy!!!....oth3r Artists I Hav3 Ar3 Ad3l3,B3yonC3 ,Miss Lady Gaga,K3ri Hilson

I don't think anyon3 will 3v3r und3rstand my Lov3 for Nicki!!! Lik3 it's r3ally Crazy!!!!
I didn't start liking h3r wh3n PINK FRIDAY cam3 out I'v3 lov3d h3r from b3for3 from h3r old Mixtap3s and all...
Sh3 r3ally did inspir3 m3 lik3 hon3stly... I want3d to giv3 up... But Nicki Gav3 m3 Faith that I can mak3 it...
I'm sur3 you think I'm just som3 oth3r typicall groupi3 but noo noo I don't want to b3 som3 Barbi3 nada that... I r3ally admir3 Nicki's Music it is b3autiful and sh3 d3s3rv3s all God has Bl3ss3d H3r with...I start3d writting mor3 s3riously du3 to h3r and I thank h3r for pushing m3... Sh3 may no know how much I Admir3 h3r but on3 day sh3 will!!!!
I lov3 h3r Docum3ntary,mad3 m3 sh3d a f3w t3ars(no r3ally it did)...

I hop3 to b3 sign3d und3r Young Mon3y On3 Day...

Nobody will 3v3r und3rstand my Lov3 for Music and Miss ONika

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