Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 10:24 AM


N3v3r giv3 up...

N3v3r giv3 up,your tim3 shall com3 , your not dying anytim3 soon, b3 pati3nt just sit back k33p chasing what you want in lif3 and all good shall com3 to you.

Now p3opl3 think just caus3 iv3 got 3mo all ov3r m3ans I don't b3li3v3 in God,that is NOT tru3 && absolut3 crap... I lov3 God and without God you ar3 truly nothing ..God is th3 r3ason you on 3arth...
Y3s things may s33m as if th3y will n3v3r happ3n, but just stop and think your not th3 only on3 on 3arth ,th3r3 ar3 BILLIONS of oth3r's...

N3v3r giv3 up... K33p on praying... God shall bl3ss you just lik3 how h3 bl3ss3d Miss.Minaj :) !!!

Th3r3 hav3 b33n tim3s y3s wh3n I'v3 b33n lik3 you know what Scr3w all'a dis l3mm3 just di3...but I thought to mys3lf if I di3 I aint going up...and that iv3 waist3d all th3s3 y3ars of living...waist3d spac3 wh3r3 as th3r3 could'v3 b33n anoth3r human living in my spac3 you know... But I hav3 faith in mys3lf ...I may not mak3 it now.. But my tim3 shall com3... I'll k33p on writting and prayong...although my family m3mb3rs think I'm just playing around and its caus3 th3y just s33 path3tic local music on t.v and that's not what I'm all about but h3y...

I cam3 into this world,its up to m3 to g3t to wh3r3 I wanna b3...


  1. •_3mo_PrinC3ss_• avatar

    On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:05 PM, •_3mo_PrinC3ss_• said:

    *blush fac3*
    Thanks Barbz*

  2. brandeshia* avatar

    On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 1:01 PM, brandeshia* said:

    i love this one,,,* the most!!

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