Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 2:53 PM


This on3 is for th3 ladi3s :) :) :)

Ladi3s... Now I know b3ing a lady is on3 hard thing!!! Always having to mak3 sur3 your b3autiful,that your not ov3r-siz3d , that your styl3 is up to dat3 and 3tc...th3 list go3s on...

1 thing you n33d to know is you ar3 you and if nobody can acc3pt yoy th3 way you ar3 th3n that's th3ir probl3m. You did not con3 into this world with th3m you cam3 h3r3 ALL alon3 with nobody holding our hand!!!
Y3s th3r3 ar3 som3 of yall that act all nah I don't giv3 a f*ck this and that I'm miss thang...but you know wh3n you look in th3 mirror you don't lik3 what you s33 at tim3s... Th3r3 ar3 girls that lov3 th3ms3lv3s but hat3 som3thing about th3m... I know its V3Ry hard trust m3 I know...

I'v3 always b33n s3lf concious bout my w3ight you know wanting to k33p thin but its r3ally hard...from di3t shak3s,pills and oth3r things I'v3 tri3d... But you know what it's tim3 to acc3pt you for you and don't mind what that girl say's sh3 curs3s you caus3 sh3 wants to b3 YOU sh3's j3alous sooo ladi3s

Smil3* caus3 YOUR B3AUTIFUL ...

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