Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 9:18 AM


W3* all lov3 Miss.Minaj Right*? And w3'll n3v3r stop loving h3r :) .
I hop3 sh3 is 3njoying th3 tour sh3's doing at th3 mom3nt, I'm sur3 sh3's doing b3st lik3 sh3 always do3s *smil3s!!*...

W3 just found out that Minaj will b3 going on tour with Miss.Sp3ars 333k!!!
Crazy isht I t3ll you, Minaj is v3ry 3xcit3d && cannot wait :D w3 all can't wait

Guy's w3 all know Miss.Minaj has b33n through som3 rough tim3s in lif3 && what w3 as h3r fans hav3 to do is show h3r w3 lov3 h3r and not criticiz3 h3r && you know pull h3r down!!! Th3r3 ar3 p3opl3 that think Miss.Minaj is path3tic but at th3 3nd of th3 day sh3's 3arning mor3 than th3ir whol3 family incom3(laughs*) ... Sooo F*CK 3m Hat3rz !!!

To b3 continu3d...
#T3AM*MINAJ All Th3 Way Bints

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