Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 2:06 PM

•=•NICKI MINAJ R3AD!!!!MY DR3AM :D!!!!•=•

Soooo I hav3 lik3 th3 CRAZI3ST DR3AMs!!!

So I wanna g3t into th3 music industry y3a??? I truly f33l lik3 I'v3 got tal3nt!!! I wanna b3 known as th3 3mo_PrinC3ss_ th3r3 isn't a charact3r lik3 m3??? NO th3r3 isn't sooo you know I think I could do it w3ll...
Uhmm... I writ3 d33p isht you know...but I'v3 also got a happy sid3...I'm a princ3ss aft3r awl :D !!!!....

What I'd also lov3 is to work with Nicki Minaj && oth3r artist lik3 Ad3l3,Chris Brown,Tr3y songz,Brandy,JayZ , LIL WAYN3..
Uuhm y3a man... Crazy thing is that... You know Nicki Minaj has a twin nam3d Roman lol th3 3vil Twin???? Y3a I'd lov3 to b3 h3r Daught3r :D lik3 I could b3 th3 3vil Daught3r...n3ic3 to NICKI MINAJ :D my nam3 Would b3 ROMANI ZOLANSKI....

I'd lov3 to b3 th3 1st South African Young Lady To Lik3 Mak3 it you know???... I'm planning on r3cording soon...iv3 tri3d 3mailing Nicki && Young Mon3y but its th3 wrong 3mail addr3ss....o w3ll...I know I will mak3 it && I hav3 sooo much faith!!!! :)

LOV3 YOU!!!!

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