Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 6:16 AM

The bigger the better?? READ NOW Pleaseeeeeee

By: -Rebecca&

Okay barbz and kens... Im thinking we should make this get bigger.. I mean I LOVE this site but I mean I want excitement as in more.. Latelly I haven't updated much.. And its because nothing is really happen on here -___- Grrr. Im mostly on Twitter-Facebook-DRIZZYDRAKE.NET. which if yall are digging Drake I say "Makeone!!!" you'll love it too.. But back to this Mypinkfriday should come with more stuff to mess with while your on here.. Idkk tweek it up a bit.. Thats my opinion I wanna be on her 24-7 for the well comment down low too tell me what do you thinkk!! KAY MUAHHHHHHHHH XOXOX

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