Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 2:54 PM

off the mic

ok imma put it out there that this blog is 95% about me and 5% about Nicki M. lol and on that note:

i've been dealing with alot of issues with this one guy. He isn't any ordinary guy... he's the one i feel in love with and the one i lived for. Problem is my timing was all wrong and when we could have been on the same page i dipped... and then when i came back that bond and trust was broken... now i sit here and go back and forth with myself on whether i should waste energy on caring about him... or should i just move on. My best friend says i should move on but that's easier said than done... i don't know when you put so much time into someone and time into learning their every move it's hard to just burn the blueprints and say oh im going to draw up new plans... i just had to vent.

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