Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 2:39 AM

OMG...!!! BOYS!!!

By: Marissa23

I Hate It Wen U Can Tell Dat A Boy Likes U Bcuz He Always Stares At U UGH!! Well Anyways This Kid Asked Me Out On Thursday Nd I Knew He Liked me Bcuz In Science He Would Always Stare At Me OMG!! So In Writing He Passed Me A Note Dat Said Do U Want To Go Out?? Nd I Said No!!! Nd I Don't Even Like Him I Like Some Other Kid So yea Nd My Friend Wit Her Boy Drama Is Insane But I Realized Boys Aren't Worth It I Would Just Rather B Friends Wit Them Nd Tell Jokes Nd Have Good Times :) But If It Was A Cute Kid I Have To Think Bout It But Tha Kid Dat Asked Me Out Was Not Cute At All

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