Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Nicki Minaj, the best of all

By: @WendyB

Nicki Minaj is my favorite singer. I luv her so much and I dream to meet her one day and ask her: "how do you do all this?" . Why do I wanna ask her this? Mmmh well, I think it ain't easy to sing and create songs , it ain't a piece of cake 'cause we fans see it just as FUN FUN and FUN but it ain't only that! I mean, in this job you must give the best part of you, you have to focuse on what you really want, you must have passion. So, as I was sayin, I wanna ask her this, 'cause when I listen to her songs I use to imagine her a simple, dandy girl that talks about her life with so much energy and passion. I wanna ask her how does she fix everything.. I know that sometimes she feels the lows, 'cause it's kinda normal, I suppose. How do you do it Nicki? You are so ambitious and determined, and I admire you for that

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