Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 3:25 AM

Loving NM

"Boom boom boom ba-boom ba-boom boom boom...
He got that super bass!"

I was on the public jeepney on my way to school for my ballet class when the radio played that song. Next thing I know, it was already playing in my head. During my classes I kept singing "Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass, he got that super bass!" and my classmates and I started to make fun of it because that was the only lyrics I know. Hahaha! Then my gay friend started to sing "Boy you've got my heartbeat runnin' away!" I got shocked and asked him what that song was but the funny thing is he didn't also know what the title was. We friends loves guessing the title of songs by the end of its chorus so we assumed "He got that Super Bass." SUPER BASS! Hahaha!

As a certified music lover, after a long day of classes and work, I searched Super Bass on the internet and found the music video. It was Nicki Minaj looking like a Barbie. I already knew who Nicki Minaj is way back but I didn't realize that this was her song. I got so hooked up with the song that it made me subscribe to her up coming videos and music.

After some time, the radios, players, tv's and even my ipod have that song on. Then my mom and I loves to watch this comedy show during sunday night and they started to do the Super Bass dance. Wow! It just then became a super bass invasion here in the Philippines. And so to me too! I started loving Minaj on that point. Nicki Nicki Nicki!

Man, I been did that! Man, I been popped off!

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