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Raging Miami Dolphins Imbroglio Involving Richie Incognito

A lot of people have shared their opinion on the raging Miami Dolphins imbroglio involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.Brandon Marshall is just one of them, though his thoughts on the matter carry more weight than most.The Chicago Bears wide receiver was a former teammate of Incognito in Miami and has been public about his own struggles with mental illness.
.Marshall discussed the issue with reporters Wednesday, explaining that players who show vulnerability open themselves up for issues in the locker room".(What's) going on in Miami goes on in every locker room", Marshall said".But it's time for us to start talking.Maybe have some group sessions where guys sit down and maybe talk about what's going on off the field or what's going on in the building and not mask everything.
.Because the (longer) it goes untreated, the worse it gets".Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush played with both Incognito and Martin during his final season with the Dolphins in 2012.Bush also believes the NFL needs a culture change".Obviously the situation that's going on is unfortunate, and anytime a guy gets pushed to that level of not wanting to play football then something has to be done", he said".I think it's something that we can all learn from".Marshall and Bush seem to speak to the majority sentiment for most players on the outside of the Dolphins' locker room.It's striking how different that message is from what we heard from current Dolphins players on Wednesday.Recently, we have talked about the Miami Dolphins imbroglio involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.According to the report, Brandon Marshall says that the culture that drove Jonathan Martin out of the Miami Dolphins' facility is part of football.
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