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First stop on her Pink Friday Tour

I've been chasing Nicki Minaj since her debut in '08. Something about her raw style, and her edge drew me in so deep that I couldnt escape my infatuation with her. The first time I had ever seen Nicki was in I believe '09 when Lil Wayne stopped at The First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. She made a guest appearance and was phenomenal. Her stage presence was perfection, and she was still so new in the game.

Of course after wanting more, I saw her play again with Lil Wayne last year at the United Center. Channelle, Travis Barker, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj opened for him in that order. I'll never forget the fact the Wayne came out right before Nicki came on and I almost cried because I felt as if she wasn't going to be there. Mopingly I sat down and hoped she would come out. Wayne went backstage to change, and only a few minutes later (as everyone was resting in their seats) a video of Roman Gladiators came on. Everyone sat there as I stood up screamed "IT'S ROMAN!" and began freaking out! Shortly after that, the beat dropped and Roman's Revenge began playing. I've never been so geeked out in my life.

I was planning on seeing Nicki Minaj open for Britney Spears last year as well, but sadly her tour was schedule on the day I was going to have surgery so my mom wouldn't let me see her. ;)

Last week Nicki began her very own Pink Friday headlining tour! Her first stop on the American tour was my hometown Chicago! The day her presale tickets went on sale I sat on the computer from 10 am until 11:30! Luckily in that time I managed to achieve 2 balcony tickets and made it to my 12 pm chemistry final on time! So for two months I sat on these tickets so anxiously awaiting July 16, 2012 to arrive!

Finally Monday July 16 came I was absolutely freaking out! I was nervous as to how my balcony seats would be, since I really wanted main floor. I arrived downtown at 3 o'clock (when the concert didn't start until 7:30). I shopped and panickly waited until the doors opened in the Chicago Theatre. The theatre was gorgeous. It was small and intimate in the fact that there was not a single bad seat in the venue. I found my seats! Left center, front row of the second balcony. They were probably the best seats (beside front row) that anyone could ask for! I was above all the hands and heads, and was able to see every little detail that happened on stage! It was perfection!

I'm convinced though that the man sitting next to me hated me, since I was dancing and screaming every word to every song! OOPS. Nothing can beat the feeling of seeing your idol so close!

Now I just need to wait 9 more days until I can travel 5 hours down to St. Louis, Missouri where I scored front row tickets to see Nicki Darling one more time! Maybe this time I'll be lucky and be pulled on stage! Who knows! =D

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