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why do all these little haters have to hate on the most beautiful women in the world Nicki Minaj are they just mad or just jealous cause they can't be like her.. They should really grow up and get a life and stop hating so much.. i just really wish they world stop hating and just LOVE her.. If anyone wants talk shit they can try and STOOP to my LEVEL and deal with me.. Okayye thanks ken barbs... Mwuahhhhh (-.-)

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    On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 2:58 PM, ninjabarbie94 said:

    Omg i no what ya mean barbz, i think they just jelous hoes who havent got anything better to do with their lifes so they have to hate on people who they wish they could be like! I really dont understand the hate towards Nicki, she is so beautiful, she has major talent, shes unique, shes creative and a down to earth person with a heart of gold. People can hate as much as they want but as Nicki says 'haters are her motivators' so the more they hate the more Nicki is gonna take over the world. At least Nicki has fans like us who actually appreciate the hard work she puts in and how much of her life she gives up for her fans. Il always stick by Nicki 100% till the day i die and if anyone got a problem they can 'suck my dizkick' hahaha :) muuuaaahhh.....(xx) *Barbie loveagee, ki$$e$ and huggle$* (xx)
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