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Dear Queen Nicki,

Here it’s all your Barbz .

To start i’m sorry for my English i hope you will understand .
I decided to make this « book » some times ago with the help of many of your Barbz .My goals is to show you our thinks about you .
I just wanna tell :« We love you » because you’re not a singer as the others.
You’re one !!
I know that all singer’ s fans can say this , but not as all your Barbz . There is something more in you ,you’re different , maybe it’s your crazy personnalité =). In you there are some hapyness and crazyness that are unique in the world .It’s so hard to explain feelings i would like to speak to you to explain all your Barbz feelings.
We love you because you care of us , you care of your Barbz and this is something that misses in artists today ,it’s not the same relation as other artist that we have with you because you are here for us .
In your songs you make us happy when we are sad , you make us wanted to be better, to overcome problems. Some of us have such a tough life but when we listen to your music or the simple things that you say to us , it makes us keep our head up high and never give up . With you we never go out of our way , a way that you « creat » for us and in which we are so happy to be . Maybe some of us had search this way for many years and with you they get this , that’s why i love you .
Your songs make us open our eyes to the beauty of the world ,
Make us fight for our rights ,fight for our ideas , fight against stupid people .
With you and your songs we are not alone wich means that you are here for us even if you don’t know me ,even if you don’t know us ; you make music for us and when we listen to it ,it makes us be better !
You can’t imagine how it’s beautiful to know that some people care of you by creating songs ,by telling that you love us .It’s so MAGICAL !!!
There are so many things that your Barbz want to tell you ,and i’m glad to try to write you all this things .
You know , some of them will never meet you , some of them had already met you But we know that you love us .So you have a power in us , a power that make us feel like one .
Thanks to you I have met people that are now true friends .
Thanks to you I know that many people can have the same feeling as me even if they not belong to the same place .
Artist like you miss in the world , it was a long time since we never have an artist like you ,. But now we have you and I hope that it is forever , that you will continue to be like you are cause you are the best and beautiful.
You are an inspiraton for Young people !
We would like to thank you for all you’ve done for us.
We love you and support you with all our hearts ! Team Minaj till death

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