Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 2:23 AM

My Favorite Nicki Minaj Songs

When it comes to Nicki's songs & the verses she does for other people, I love them all!!! There isn't one Nicki song or verse that disappoints me. However, there is two songs of Nicki's that really motivate, inspire, and stand out to me. Those songs are "Can Anybody Hear Me?" and "Autobiography". I love those songs. There is no possible way those songs can get old. They have so much meaning behing them. I was speechless the first time I heard those songs. Nicki really opened up. I hope she does alot more songs like those two. "Dear Old NIcki" is the closest song that resembles "Can Anybody Hear Me?" and "Autobiography". Hopefully, Nicki will come out with more songs like those. Keep up the good work Nicki. We all love you! What are your guys favorite songs????

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