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though its ancient history, Henry Ford made the auto b's, false that was Nikki Joseph C, meant for just the military, in the late 1760's the car was made for the french army, this was 2.5 miles per and the vehicle was a gas guzzler, later later Henry came, joined and left the Detroit Auto Company, low sales caused defunct and obsolete, so later Henry beats Al Winton in Grosse Pointe in Fords Hand built Sweepstakes, Henry Ford Company was second for Mr. Henry, built on November 30, 1902 Ford leaves then the biz becomes Cadillac, Ford begins the build for model A in 1903, 1908 Ford begins another build for the Model T, skips forward to 1932 and the V-8 was introduced by Mr. Henry, a year later resists first efforts to unionize workers at Ford plants successfully, Ford Motor Company signs a contract with the United Auto Workers on June 20, 1941, then 1847 Henry dies at age 83

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