Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Men Be Men

men be men, don't cross out a girl on her looks that aren't a ten, a woman's job is to love and to birth more of us, but men we gotta defend show our women that we could be the ones they can trust, no more of being swag fags and copping brands with over hundred price tags, because men, you are supposed to be the role model for the future men, without men, where would you be then, knowledgeable logic, can you prove me wrong men, don't judge her when you have a closet full of skeletons, you dusty, men now you all are shady, what have any of you been doing lately, all you are trying to up dress, and impress women with no life progress, no plans for college because you think you can trap and style on em well that's just garage, you postin pictures, gettin all pregnant, put it on facebook, likes on fifteen, then you caption it with 30 likes or more or they will rid this baby, what the hell is going through your minds lately, you think you could walk and talk, q on q, ball and all, when you can't hoop a baby crib for your little ol' baby kid, that baby is gone grow up sayin he has a dead beat daddy that only throws checks on clothing, that didn't support his lady, oh what a story, when that child grows up and novels this, you won't get none of the share of his fame and money,
Dear men, all men, angry men, little men, strong men, right on track men, this ones for you, be loyal to your wife, and make her oh so proud of you, don't disappoint her, don't slack in general, prove you could be the best you can be instead of saying "fuck haters" at the age of 14, you men, are good men, each and every one of us will grow up and be bigger, bolder, stronger, if we just stop with these comments and image of vulgar

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