Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 7:45 PM

Thas you

Why is everybody so quick to notice one's every flaw, Only thing that can ever break easily is having an embarrassing mistake, nothing anymore definitive, originality lacking in todays society where the true idols that are creating good changing in the world, not the voiced strip club dancers that everybody admires and adores, these women with high voices grabbing they crotch and only talking about they riches and rolls royces, the "independent: i don't give a fuck act" then saying they doin this for the roof over they moms caps is just a stupid excuse to flaunt the body because they talent just flops lacks, these women today aren't trying to inspire sophia grace, only leading them to insecurity and telling them practically that looks are more important if you wanna catch viewers attention, that's today's motive, dependent on mobile istead of cracking a book for some information, true inspiration comes from people with horrible pasts that caused them delusional confusion, they should be brought to fame, not be pushed down, called lame, because they aren't about that basic rap game, definition fuck bitches, get money, weed and things and everything the same, stupid

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