Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 12:32 AM

Been Bad

hard to fathom really what had happened currently, i mean as for love i dunno, yall already know that story, i guess my deal lately is falling for the people that are depressing, and struggling and i can't understand them, nor can i help them, they are playing, pretending, and reiterating what they think i wanna hear, and i tell em boo you need therapy, tho you may see that, i understand tho, i just don't wanna keep being played by these people who saying i'm wrong and i don't understand yo, i wanna part take in a relationship that is fun and we always spending time together, but we can't be together, if you constantly on the other side of the phone and you just "wishing" we could be together, i don't play no stupid kinda game, i'm seventeen, too young to be feeling for everyone, oh what a damn shame
(i been taking time out of my life to text and not miss a call for somebody i barely see at all, counting all the hours, the time we actually seen each other, not even worth it, not even working, i ain't feeling it, no pleasure, i just stand waiting on while i see a pretty other, that lookn at me, but i'm too focused on you that i tell myself not to mislead)

i don't see no damn reason, to keep up with someone that i gotta keep my eye on, and i have waited too long, i wanna show up at your house, and get it on,
(oooooh, baby, baby, i like your voice, i like that smooth tone, keep it, keep it, keep it, i wanna imagine you up in here, but baby baby, ima end yo call because i got someone else waiting)

this has been too long, sorry, but i'm not, waited a couple months, denied the day of love, you ran and i ran the way wrong, sorry to put you down, but this wasn't intended to be a love song

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