Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 6:46 AM

laying low to find who is it that i'm really searching for

find myself in me, where am i, i'm here, but i don't know where i am, i'm trying, i'm calling my own name, but i can't seem to hear what i have to say, oh, i love too hard, love too much, i build courage, i build trust, but i guess my heart is aching from the pain that was drawn upon me,
i wanna leave with my own, backpack up my life and take myself to a better home, where really is home if my heart is several different places and when i place myself in a perfect position, there it becomes erupt and a massive destruction,
ooh, i can't take the pain, the pain drawn upon me, the holes carved in me, tried to find me, but i'm lost in maze, mapping, just searching, when really i'm just tryna find me, and will it ever be too late, i cannot comprehend, i gotta lay low, on the search for me, as for what to do, i just do not know

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