Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 5:27 PM

Pills Moi

It was just me, my itty bitty pills and me,
suckers tryna play, maybe i'm just crazy, spittin bout the toxins and keys under palm trees, when are you gonna realize that when you were on drugs, i was laying lonely with nobody, of course i'm gonna get depressed, i mean of course i got depressed, i didn't know if being vulnerable would ever hide under my bed sheets, guess i found out truthfully, since i found me, that it was you this time and now i just got my pills and me
It was just me, my itty bitty pills and me,
so i typed up a couple words before school, didn't know i would come home to clean the overdose and all your drool, i slap the shit out of you so you could peep me with your eye, then i called the ambulance, in the truck i stayed by your side, why is that you keep doing this over again in time, why is it that you don't think about what i have to keep doing to keep you sober and alive, maybe just alive, because being sober makes you just wanna die, maybe next time i will just take part, i will and buy stuff tat will put me out hard, i will throw it back on you except you will twice think at my funeral at the rainy grave yard,
(secretly i'm loathing all my lovin, i can't seem to shake away, the hate and pain you've caused to fire inside of me, but i guess if i gotta let you go, i will let you go, and let go of me)
It was just me, my itty bitty pills and me,

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