Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 9:49 PM

iTs Perfectly Done. Or iS iT?? O.O (Get Ready For A Story)

7th Grade is such a BORE!!! But I got so hyped-up when I heard this girl talking that smack when she was supposedly to be my friend,, she saying all type of stuff like

Oh, Lavonne you never do your work, and don't appreciate that me and the others have to do all the work in the group..
So when she said that to my wifey who eventually told me. I said "Oh, really I don't do my work and she the main one who rejects my answers to the questions in the group!?.." So I let it slide but then she talked smack again to my best friend just because my she didn't want to work with her. The girl said "Oh you know you wont get any work done with Lavonne". So when bestie told me I said "OK." since the Christian in me told to turn the other cheek like in the Bible.. So I did, but it was time to confront the girl, because she was talking all this smack since she got a paper that say she can take the high school SAT due to her "good academics". But in 6th she never was that responsible about her work. So it was 3rd period and she was looking at me kinda weird like she know I'm gonna say something to her.. So i did lol. I said "So wtf,, gives you the right to talk all that shit, just cause you got some SAT bullshit, you think the shit and cool. Don't talk bull if you cant"say it to my fucking face grow some balls bitch and say it too my face" So she was looking scared and had a nerve to say "Lavonne,, i already know what your gonna say". So I said " idgaf you shouldn't be talking all this shit behind my back rather than in my face,, scary bitch grow some balls you talking to everyone except me, like wtf?!" and that day felt so good, so so good. Since I got all the off my chest and confronted her,, and now she know how to sdfu!!
(Excuse The Sailor Mouth ^.^ *giggles*)

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