Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 8:09 AM

time dont mean shit

Re: Time don’t mean shit
Funny how one day you think peoples feelings changed and nothing will ever change
&& then when you see them face to face after 8 months your feelings just seem ridiculously strong
God when I saw him walking out it felt like a dream for a while so unreal
I just feel like I got so many more feelings for him that I didn’t even know I had
Its amazing wat a touch can do, and how much it means, because I’ve been needing some kind of affection
He’ll never know or understand how much I really love him, gota protect myself n my heart so that’s why I act like I give no fuk, because I have to no one ever seeing my weakness.
I’d do anything right now just to be lying next to him right now, just 1 night, but hopefully one day it will be everyday
I just hope everything is real with him that’s my biggest fear, nothing like being in love with someone who loves someone else
Im in love with him …
I wish I could just fast forward 5 years to see what the future holds.

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