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Sometimes when I see all of the barbz that have met nicki i feel a lil bit jealous but then i come to the realization that i will get my turn i cried when i seen her in concert because that day that night that moment meant everything to me. the fact that she is such an amazing person is everything to me. Nicki Minaj [ONIKA TANYA MARAJ] you are my idol/inspiration/hero for sooooooooo many reasons like its not even funny. Not only has she challeneged the world of music and fashion, she has dominated the industry completely annihilated all that have come before her and set the standards so high that those trying to come up now are consistently starving to achieve greatness. Nicki Minaj is an adovcate for success, Education, Individualism and so much more. I have learned through you that not only I myself, but the Barbz in general have every right to feel empowered. Thank you for showing us that we too have the ability to be just as beautiful internally and externally as our surrounding characters and or those we admire. You have taught me that the sky is the limit and that opportunities are limitless. Because of you I realize that our time here is only borrowed and that we shall utilize it to our full potential. It is because of all that you've have done that I appraise you. I will always always always have the utmost love honor and respect for you. You are incredulously talented and intelligent you have a heart of gold and a bright and promising future. I have not a doubt in the world that you will always deliver, you will always conquer, you will always be the same Nicki that your fans fell in love with. To be honest I swear its crazy because i love you more and more every time i see hear or witness someone hating on you. whether it be via social networks verbal slander or media propaganda i know in my heart that they are secretly appraising you as well. keep doing exactly what you are doing. Myx is doing great lol although im 20 i drink it like its water #guilty my mom buys it for me though so im fine lol the line with mac the Nicki Minaj collection everything. Every fucking thing you put your hands on , your paintbrush on, your fucking lyrics on slayyyssss total domination. I am super proud of you like the level of happiness right now is like insurmountable because that's just how damn much you mean to me .... thank you for inspiring me for always being one to help me cope your music saved a few lives tbh cause id rather get ratchet listening to my fave rapper or waching a dvd or intervew with you in it than to pop off and do some crazy shit that ill regret Anyway enough with the sentimental stuff i love you more than words can explain you're the shit legit if these bitches act like they aint knowin they buggin!! TURN THE FUCK UPPPPP!!!!!!!!! lol love you immensely!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HB HAVE A TREMENDOUS DAY NIGHT WEEK MONTH YEAR! WE LOVE YOU AND WE THANK YOU FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!<3 <3

PS when you decide to follow me on twitter lol .... ya know @byte_this yahh thats me lol! love you bye enjoy your bday <3 ILL BRING YOU MY D.D.S. DEGREE TO SIGN IN RETURN WHEN IM OFFICIALLY AN ORAL SURGEON<3 ...or ara_maraj (i made that to vote for you because my other account i went to twitter jail for tweeting #mtvstars nicki minaj =/ twitter was just hatin lol


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