Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 2:08 PM


Like for real though watching that E special kinda opened up my eyes more of how far nicki was coming from. She really did go big and look where she at now. Lmao i aint gon lie them baby pics and them teeth daaammmnn nicki. Back then you was such a lil darling tryna boss up evrybody. Lml and stealing the car girl wut was yo crazy ass thinking?!?! Hahaha i also watched your ass grow and your curves develop *sides eye* hehehe but i still love ya girl. Oh and that part when you and wayne had that lil mishap i felt it for ya babe hahaha. Oh oh and that lil kim part Uggghh!!!! Urked my soul yo but anyways. You get yo looks from both parents boo and mama miraj can sing i like that!!! That E special i got that shit on repeat yo. That was really #teamminaj's best hour !!! #teamminaj hoe!!!!!!

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