Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 1:31 AM

Nicki Can Lose Fans...

So I came across this article and they were talking about Nicki's performance on the Grammy Awards. "EXPERTS" were predicting and making "calculations" that Nicki most likely lost fans and that can ruin it for the album. Especially since she offended religious people....Let me say that that is absolute BS! It's so dumb. I'm Catholic and I'm pretty religious, but I didn't get offended ONE BIT! I thought the performance was PERFECT. So amazing. There is a subliminal and meaningful meaning to her performance and people don't get it, it's sad.... Pink Friday:RR will do well and she lost probably like 1 fan, out of millions. Keep it going HB!

"Experts" #SitYoAssDooooown

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