Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 6:55 AM

Misery loves company

when life gets you down just think of all the good things life has giving you and SMILE, life is too short to not live it up and enjoy. Misery loves company so never allow anyone to bring you down or ruin your happiness because their unhappy in their lives doesn't mean you have to be miserable too. Love, Laugh and live life to the fullest.

Once you become at peace with yourself and dust the Haters off you willl see more door and opportunities coming at you left and right. I had to learn the hard way for being to nice to people cause when your nice they'll take your kindness for weakness but I realize once I started standing up for myself and treating ppl how they treated me I was respected more and treated better which is crazy but that goes to show ppl will only do what you allow them to do, once you say fuq this and put your foot down all of a sudden you get much respect lol smf

Ya'll know the saying [You can do bad all by yourself] so if you feel like someones bringing you down instead of lifting you up they have too go or atleast be taught a lesson cause as long as you put UP with it they will bring you DOWN..

Learn to let go of the things that make you hurt, because everybody deserves to be happy at the end of the day b4 you close your eyes, be content with were you've been, and proud of who you are. XO

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