Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Life is so much better...

Well if you read my last blog my day went as planned, when I got home I ate a Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad it was Delicioso Lol tryna eat healthy. I drank a Strawberry Daiquiri it just made me extra tired I wish I had that MYX Fusions but it hasn't made it to my City yet but when it does I'm on it thats gonna be my new drink beleedat. So I just woke up I was hoping when I did awake there would be a blog from Nicki but I guess she had no time today, I know how busy she gets at times. She is a Hardworking Woman! I love her blogs tho they are so Real they make me feel so much more closer to her, her wise words stay in my head throughout the day and I can hear her voice saying it Lol. Her blogs also make my days better :) but she'll blog soon and when she does I'm sure she'll have alot to say! ;)

So my ex bestfriend keeps tryna lil things to rail me in but lil do she know it's not gonna work this time, I'm beyond thru I may seem mean but if you only knew all the shit I went thru with this chick you would understand why this is the last straw, a person can only take but so much and I dealt way beyond my limit. But yeah life is so much better with that weight lifted off my shoulders tired of being used and disrespected. If someone keeps bringing you down when you know you have tried your best to make them happy, let them GO!! I'm happy now. I have taken charge of my world...

Welp!! Another long day ahead I think I should catch a few more Zzzzz!!!

A real Woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious and she is not wasting it...

Good Night & God Bless Love you Nicki & TeamMinaj (Barbz) XO

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