Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 2:54 PM

Entering The Barbz Nation

By: Lik_Maraj

My English teacher - fav teacher - once told a friend of mine that between the ages of 15 and 16 you find that one artist that you identify with. I become a Barb during the June of 2013. Before that time I couldn't stand Nicki. During that time, I didn't like any music artists in particular though Christina Aguilera and Jordin Sparks were my favorites. But I didn't love them. When I became obsessed with Nicki and her music, I was going through some deep shit. Neither Christina nor Jordin did anything for me but when a friend of mine decided to play 'BEEZ IN THE TRAP' three days in a row, something happened. I was within the age range of having that one artist that I connected with and Nicki was the one. Today, I still have shit to deal with but it's not as bad as before. The only friend f mine who understands the way I feel about Nic can relate because she is the same with John Mayer. She never bashed me or my commitment to Nicki and just embraced it. All my other friends - except one who could understand since she's rachet as hell and another just cuz she doesn't care - made fun of me because of my love for Nicki. Guess they were never true friends. Well that sucks for them. But the three others, we'll probably be friends for life. In truth, we really are the four musketeers.

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