Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 1:13 AM

Where does time go???

Some say time flys when youre having fun, and you know what? I believe whoever made such a statement. My girls and I are always shopping. It doesnt matter if its online shopping, or being a walk in client in a small boutique! Shopping can be very time consuming. I love to shop. It gives me away to express my versatility through fashion and appearance. Lol. There are sometimes when I feel secretive or shy I wear my hair in a tight pulled back bun with shades and a high collar. Lol. Guess you can say i really dress the part ha! This look also is used when I have big tests to finish or projects to think about for work. I asked myself where does the time go in a days work? The only answer that came to mind was Into being a beautiful person

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