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Now it's just the beginning! *deep sigh* Miss Nicki Minaj is so fucking talented that it's insulting to the confused bored mind! Her appeal and demeanor are so heavenly that her fans pray for her! Faith! She always says give the glory to God! Well Nicki I give all the glory to God for helping you grasp enough patience and determination to write such an interesting, epic, award nomination worthy album! Thank you for grinding hard enough to be able to give us tshirts an albums to buy and wear to show our support! I bet your granny is nodding saying did it on em for you;)! Now Miss Lewinsky ( that bitch that close to the president) do you see how lethal the pen in your hand is??? *side eyes* work bitch!!! The tracks on the album are all fire 1- the muthafuckin end thats 22 tracks! The collabos on the track include Roman himself, Cam'Ron, Rick Ross, 2chainz, Chris Brown, Bobby V, Lil Wayne, Nas, Drake, and of course
my baby Young Jeezy (the last three are all on the same track... #genius) ;) if you're not understanding her venturing off into the pop world them you're simple minded and bitch that's why she bubbling n u not! Lol really tho o_O! Just listen to the cd BUY IT BUY IT! It's worth the buy I promise She is so talented! And Barbz if the haters still talking shit... Smh *gives u a real assuring look* nicki said let tem talk Barbz... We did it! Roman reloaded! ???? and she dropped this cd in my bday month April this was the best gift I got from my mom:-}

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